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The SLTSA Executive Members are:


Prof Howard Chitimira

Howard Tafara Chitimira is a full professor of law and research professor at the faculty of law of North-West University. He is also an advocate of the High Court of South Africa and a National Research Foundation (NRF) rated legal scholar and holder many NRF grants since 2016 to date. Prof Chitimira holds the degrees: Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Cum Laude (UFH), Master of Laws (LLM) (UFH) and Doctor of Laws (LLD) (NMMU). For his doctorate, he specialized in securities and financial markets law. To date, he has published eight books and over ninety academic journal articles in securities and financial markets law and related fields. Prof Chitimira is a reviewer and editorial board member of several law journals in South Africa and elsewhere, as well as an external examiner for LLB, LLM and LLD degrees at several universities. He has delivered several LLM and LLD students. Prof Chitimira also mentors a number of post-doctoral and emerging scholars in securities and financial markets law and related fields. He serves on editorial boards of several journals such as the Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal, Namibia Law Journal and Journal of Corporate & Commercial Law & Practice. He has also acted as a guest editor for many journals such as the Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, the Namibia Law Journal, the Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal and the Speculum Juris. He founded the Annual International Corporate and Financial Markets Law Conference which was successfully launched at the North-West University faculty of law in 2021. He was appointed by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAF)
on behalf of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to serve on an ad hoc ASSAF Consensus Panel to peer review new applications and re-applications of journals for DHET accreditation since 11 October 2019 to date. He has delivered several keynote lectures on securities and financial markets law at various institutions such as Cambridge University, University of Melbourne, University of Manitoba, Oxford University, University of Seville, University of British Columbia, University of Namibia, Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and many others. He is constantly invited to deliver expert advice and comments on various topical aspects in securities and financial markets law and related fields by various institutions such as the NRF, ASSAF, DHET, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) as well as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on an ad hoc basis since August 2020 to date. He was elected the Vice President of the Society for Law Teachers of Southern Africa in 2022 and President for the same organisation in 2024.

Prof. B. SLADE.jpg


Prof Bradley Slade

Bradley Slade is currently an associate professor and chair of the department of public law,
in the faculty of law, Stellenbosch University. Professor Slade is a rated researcher, and his
research areas are expropriation law, as well as institutional constitutional law, particularly
chapter 9 institutions. He is currently an editor of the Yearbook of South African Law.


Ms Chevaure Du Pokoy

Chevaure Du Pokoy, Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, North-West University (NWU), South Africa. She holds Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees from NWU (LLB and LLM). Currently, she is an LLD candidate at the North-West University. At the NWU she lectures The Law of Delict and supervises in the field of Criminal and Procedural Law on postgraduate level. 


Chevaure has presented papers at the Southern African Law Teachers’ Conference in 2022 and 2024 and published one co-authored chapter from the 2022 conference proceedings. Her research interests include Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and the Law of Evidence.


Dr Ashley B. Nyaude


Dr. Ashley Batsirai Nyaude is a lecturer in Banking Law and Law of Specific Contracts at University of Pretoria since 2022. She holds degrees LLB (UP) LLM (UP) LLD (UP). The title of her LLD thesis is “Regulatory measures to address bank failures in Zimbabwe”. Her research interests include banking law, consumer protection law, tax law and contract law. Currently, she focuses on bank failures and advocates for the implementation of orderly bank resolution and deposit insurance frameworks to maintain financial stability and protect depositors. She is committed to expanding the knowledge on bank resolution and deposit insurance, with a special emphasis on their relevance in African countries. Dr. Nyaude’s research contributes to advancing legal knowledge and understanding in these critical areas of study. 

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