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Professor Caroline Ncube

“The next female legal academic we will be featuring in our 100More series honouring female academics who have made a significant contribution to legal academia, and beyond is Professor Caroline Ncube.


Describe your journey to becoming a law teacher


After completing my LLB, I practiced very briefly at a big law firm and then went to Cambridge for my LLM. Thereafter, I began teaching in 2002 and joined UCT as a lecturer in 2005. I then pursued my PhD at UCT whilst working full time as an academic. 21 years since I  became an academic, I still love teaching and research. Since 2019, I am very privileged to hold a SARChI research chair in Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development, which allows me to dedicate most of my time to research. 


Describe a highlight and your most significant contribution to legal academia

The SARChI Chair has afforded me an opportunity to grow a structured mentorship and support system for postgraduate researchers at masters and doctoral level which has had great success. Recent theses topics are available at 


Do you have some inspiring words for emerging law teachers?

Find  your research niche. Craft a strategy and realistic research plan that you can implement. Slow and steady focus wins the race. 

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